About me

I'm Elena!

I created this place with you in mind.

As busy Mom and wife with 2 kids, I always wanted to make sure that my family always has tasty and nutrition rich food, as well as that I always have my home nice and tidy.

However I never wanted to spend tons of time and/or money for that. 

Being professional coach and consultant I designed easy kitchen management system, that saves now my energy, time and money. And my Clients who follow this system share with me that now they feel much happier and free.

I know you have much more ways of spending your money and free time, than just spending that in the kitchen stressed and frustrated.

You can join my School and webinars to nail Kitchen Management skills and recipes, as well you can get tons of free tips and tricks in my Blog. Live your experience and ideas in comments - I would love to hear back from you.

Do not forget to visit my Blog, as you'll find lots of reviews of great house helpers there.


Elena Sanina

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